Daily Halacha-shulchanaruchharav.com
Paying rent on time
Must a married [or once married] woman cover every strand of hair of her head
Nidrei Mitzvah-When does a Chumra or custom require Hataras Nedarim
The two holes by a Tallis Katan-Background and opinions
Filtering tap water on Shabbos [through a Brita filter and the like]
Ultrasounds/sonograms during pregnancy
The history and reasons behind washing hands for bread
How to hold on to the bread when saying Hamotzi
Minhagei Yartzite for a parent, and Minhagei Yartzite for Tzadikim, applicable for Yud Shvat and Gimel Tammuz
The laws and custom of Rosh Chodesh-Reminders and checklist
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